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Penny  Stock ProfitPenny stocks (also referred to as cent-stocks in some countries) are common shares of various small public companies that trade at a very low price per share. In the US these stocks are defined as securities which trade below $5.00 per share and they are not listed in the national exchange. The appeal to trade penny stocks is really simple. These stocks are really cheap and they promise any experienced investor high returns.

Trading in Penny stocks can be really discouraging to newbies, especially if they don’t have a strategy. But with the Penny Stock Prophet, anybody, whether experienced or a newbie, can earn some profits. This system is designed to make penny stock trading a profitable investment for everybody. So if you want to get into penny stock investing and you have no experience or a trading strategy, please read on.

What is the Penny Stock Prophet?

Produced by James Connelly, the Penny Stock Prophet is a unique penny stock newsletter unlike any other on the market. This is a unique newsletter or list of unique stock picks that will help you make some money within a short period of time. All the Penny Stock Prophet members get access to various stock picks which are powered by a powerful and unique algorithm that was developed by James, when he was is in college (where he majored in mathematics).

Using a brilliant metric system referred to as PSL (psychological support level), James can easily predict the positive price movement 24-48 hours in advance, thus allowing you more than enough time to buy-in cheap and sell them later for a big profit. James designed this system with both newbies and experienced stock market traders in mind and it will provide you with the inside track that you need to succeed in this market place.

What Do You Get with Penny Stock Prophet?

  1. Stock picks- the Penny Stock Prophet is basically a list of some unique penny stock picks that promises profits. These stocks picks are selected using the psychological support level, a unique system that can easily predict positive price movements.
  2. Two Stock prices- as a member of this club, you will be receiving a list with two prices. The first price represents the point where you should purchase your penny stocks and the other price is where you should sell your stocks.
  3. A lifetime membership- after paying a one-time membership charge of $97 you will get a lifetime membership to the Penny Stock Prophet club and you will be receiving your stock picks list every week.

Pros of the Penny Stock Prophet

  • With this system you are assured of profits with every stock pick.
  • This is a safe program for beginners, who are ready to invest in penny stocks and make profits.
  • This system makes penny stock investing easy, all you have to do is purchase at the exact buying price that you were given and sell as directed.
  • This is a proven system, so you don’t have to worry about losing money with this system.
  • This system allows you more than enough time to get into a promising trade.
  • These stock picks are picked by a real person and not a stock-trading robot, so you can ask James all your questions.

Possible Downside to the Penny Stock Prophet

  • The membership charge is a bit high.
  • Profits are not guaranteed.

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